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I understand what you may be thinking, that I'm trying to blatantly sell you this product, but I am not even going to link to it in this post. I need to let you know how it affected my life and how I turned my life around to allow it to be a lot fitter, more joyful, and entertaining. This is my weight loss story.

phenqSo a little bit about me. My name is Derrick White, I'm in my 30's, and I am a full time writer. If you liked this article therefore you would like to collect more info regarding you could try this out kindly visit the web-page. I run a number of well-being and nutritional supplement websites and work for a local newspaper in the Detroit, Michigan area. I'm married and also have children, both quite youthful.

Flash back to summer time of June 2011. I had actually let myself go, everything was down from my energy, my health, my sex life, my livelihood satisfaction. It actually was a never ending cycle. After my college days (I graduated from Wayne State in 1999) I 'd really let myself go. I 'd let myself stop working out and put on another 25 pounds of fat.

Something just snapped in my own mindset -- I absolutely needed to lose this weight.

I was studying through all of the popular diets to test in order to find the one that will be the most extreme but give me the best results -- and I settled on the popular paleo diet (popular in mainstream media anyway, it really is among the most difficult diets to do).

I'm planning to do a different place on the paleo diet, but basically you cut out all processed foods, all excessive sugar, and focus on a ton of healthful vegetables, fats, and lean protein. Then I went studying to get a fat burning supplement that could help me in my own weight loss goals.

I came across a forum online that was urging Hydroxycut and PhenQ, and after doing research to the two, I settled with PhenQ because hydroxycut has been recalled by the FDA, and I did not need to put myself in danger.

The results were just amazing. It literally took me 2 months to lose 25 pounds, and I've not felt better about myself in my whole life. This photograph is to the main page of the website but I took this photo of myself 15 days in, with another 45 to go. It is possible to observe the result that PhenQ and a nutritious diet with exercise has on your body. As I mentioned, this can be my weight reduction story only 15 days in.

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